Pin on New Life and Limb

As most people know, I am pretty much a walking billboard for Christ. My cars and trucks are no exception either with crosses and scripture.

This guy pulls up next to me this morning, and because the weather is nice my windows are down. He is fiercely waving his arm out of his window, trying to get my attention.

“Psssst,” he hisses, “satan is alive!”

I almost laughed out loud. No kidding, I felt like telling him. This does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the world is being influenced by the ultimate liar and deceiver.

Then I began to think. This guy is obviously “lost” to the lie. satan promises all that mankind could ever want. Shiny and bright, the treasures of this world are so futile and temporary!

What Jesus has given me is eternal! I am not wealthy or famous. But that stuff does not matter to me. What matters to me is EVERYTHING that is eternal.

A Savior who loves me unconditionally!

A peace that surpasses all understanding!

Joy that no one can understand!

Love for all, even the most unlovable!

He has done all that for me, and I have never even asked Him for it. He just gave it to me freely!

What does satan give you? Power? God makes satan tremble, so I would guess he isn’t as tough as he thinks he is!

Fame? Temporary glory and all these famous people either fall terribly from their high perch or die a terrible death. They have chosen to worship the fake and cheap imitation, satan.

Money? It will never be able to buy anything that will give you peace.

satan is NOT alive! I have an Almighty God, a firm foundation, and I will stand on His hope the rest of my life! satan trembles because this Warrior for God is boundless.

And dude, I just wanted to tell you, “GOD IS ALIVE!”

No Superwoman Here

I pride myself on being a superwoman. Day in and day out, I push myself to accomplish more and do more than I did the day before. The sickening cycle is exhausting. Owning a horse farm, tutoring medically fragile children, teaching riding lessons, and teaching at a local university is exhausting all by itself if it were just one job, but all of these “hats” are fatiguing.

Last week, I hit the proverbial wall. A racking cough I could not get rid of, and overwhelming exhaustion were making me miserable. My whole world of color, life, and light, was turning dark, dreary, and dreadful. Each day I woke up with the same phrase on my lips, “Oh God, how am I going to get through this day?”

I meant it too. How was I going to do all I was supposed to do without falling down in complete depletion of a woman who was no longer super? I was a mortal and it showed in everything I did. Instead of stepping with purpose and vigor I was literally dragging my feet. My zest for life was gone.

Then I did something so appalling and out of character that everyone was shocked, and I was the one who was most surprised. I took a whole week off from teaching riding lessons. Seven days of not saying, “Today, we are going to learn how to…” “Let’s put those heels down…” “Don’t get forward…” “You are losing impulsion…”

I have my farm set up like a hiking trail which ends at a stream where there is a waterfall. I found myself gravitating to that spot. I would sit, and do nothing but listen. I heard a cacophony of birds, rustling squirrels, and a pesky ground hog that literally sat at my feet every morning. Then I heard the voice of God, “Daughter, resting is not weakness but necessary to be effective in all of your work.”

After battling cancer for two years, I was forced to rest and I was not happy about it one bit. But this rest was different. This rest was chosen and coddled by me. I was sleeping and eating better. I was finding contentment in the little things instead of big things.

I have hung up my superwoman outfit up. It was exhausted too. I am going to drag this life of mine into balance. And if I have to rest a week or two, I will. I won’t have regrets, but peace in knowing that God says rest over and over in His Bible. He wants to pick up the burden of life and carry it and the only way He can do that is if we give it to Him.

Mortal woman here with peace in her heart, rest in her mind, and contentment that I finally put me first. It feels GREAT!

Can anyone relate?

Happy 18th Anniversary!


It was 2002 on Friday, May 31, that I sat at a table long enough to land a plane. I was signing my life away for a dream I never thought would be possible. Raise Your Dreams Farm was something that burned intensely in my heart, at times keeping me awake at night. It never diminished. On a teacher’s salary, it would be an impossibility.

The day a man knocked on my door at my home in Delaware, asking if I would sell him my house. I knew that God was at work. I sold my home, and holding in my hands was enough money to get a farm, the one that I would name after my beloved horse, Raise Your Dreams.

I found it on May 1, the first day that it was on the market. It was made for me. A sweeping tree-lined driveway led to a large home with a wrap-around porch, ten lush acres, and neighbors with horses and cows. I was in heaven.

A lot has happened in those eighteen years. I got married on the front porch. I started my equine therapy/riding business, wrote a book, conquered cancer, and lymphedema, and I have learned more in this period than at any other time in my life.

This farm was a miracle, and I would serve God through it all. I have been blessed with some of the best people that started as lesson students that I now consider good friends. I have witnessed miracles of children talking or walking for the first time. I have seen the smiles of the broken-hearted come with every ride on one of my horses or ponies. I thought I would bless others, but they have blessed me.

Happy 18th year, RAISE YOUR DREAMS FARM!

Smack Down from God

october 2012 024

I am a type-A personality.  Heck, I probably do more before 8 AM then most people do all day.   I have each moment of everyday earmarked for specific activities.  After all, I have goals to accomplish.

After I wrote my book, I spent every moment promoting it.  Then God spoke to me and it cut like a knife.

“It is the Jill show.”

I broke out into tears.  The truth was too much to take.  I tried to rationalize it, but who can fight against God?  It was true and I knew it!

Then He gave me scripture- 2 Chronicles 7:14

if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

In His eyes, I was wicked.  My dirty heart was laid open, and it was too much to take.  I have not “arrived” at letting God do it all, but I am learning.

So, here it is God.  It was all yours anyway.  If I cannot use my writing to make you into the star, then I am laying it all down.

Have you ever had a smackdown from God?


Something incredibly awesome happened yesterday! Guideposts magazine asked if I could give them an article. I usually have to submit, beg and plead. Pretty awesome feeling!

guideposts magazine




I am so unbelievably blessed to be given this opportunity to share the greatest hope with 60 million viewers!  My testimony, which is what my book, Fighting for the Finish, is all about.  It transformed my life so completely that I would never be the same.  It wasn’t because I got saved, it was the fight over my soul that I witnessed daily.

I am uncertain as to when it will be broadcasted, but the taping went well.  Funny, it is so nerve-wracking up to the point of filming.  Then once they said, “Action!” I was on fire!