Happy 18th Anniversary!


It was 2002 on Friday, May 31, that I sat at a table long enough to land a plane. I was signing my life away for a dream I never thought would be possible. Raise Your Dreams Farm was something that burned intensely in my heart, at times keeping me awake at night. It never diminished. On a teacher’s salary, it would be an impossibility.

The day a man knocked on my door at my home in Delaware, asking if I would sell him my house. I knew that God was at work. I sold my home, and holding in my hands was enough money to get a farm, the one that I would name after my beloved horse, Raise Your Dreams.

I found it on May 1, the first day that it was on the market. It was made for me. A sweeping tree-lined driveway led to a large home with a wrap-around porch, ten lush acres, and neighbors with horses and cows. I was in heaven.

A lot has happened in those eighteen years. I got married on the front porch. I started my equine therapy/riding business, wrote a book, conquered cancer, and lymphedema, and I have learned more in this period than at any other time in my life.

This farm was a miracle, and I would serve God through it all. I have been blessed with some of the best people that started as lesson students that I now consider good friends. I have witnessed miracles of children talking or walking for the first time. I have seen the smiles of the broken-hearted come with every ride on one of my horses or ponies. I thought I would bless others, but they have blessed me.

Happy 18th year, RAISE YOUR DREAMS FARM!

Smack Down from God

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I am a type-A personality.  Heck, I probably do more before 8 AM then most people do all day.   I have each moment of everyday earmarked for specific activities.  After all, I have goals to accomplish.

After I wrote my book, I spent every moment promoting it.  Then God spoke to me and it cut like a knife.

“It is the Jill show.”

I broke out into tears.  The truth was too much to take.  I tried to rationalize it, but who can fight against God?  It was true and I knew it!

Then He gave me scripture- 2 Chronicles 7:14

if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

In His eyes, I was wicked.  My dirty heart was laid open, and it was too much to take.  I have not “arrived” at letting God do it all, but I am learning.

So, here it is God.  It was all yours anyway.  If I cannot use my writing to make you into the star, then I am laying it all down.

Have you ever had a smackdown from God?


Something incredibly awesome happened yesterday! Guideposts magazine asked if I could give them an article. I usually have to submit, beg and plead. Pretty awesome feeling!

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I am so unbelievably blessed to be given this opportunity to share the greatest hope with 60 million viewers!  My testimony, which is what my book, Fighting for the Finish, is all about.  It transformed my life so completely that I would never be the same.  It wasn’t because I got saved, it was the fight over my soul that I witnessed daily.

I am uncertain as to when it will be broadcasted, but the taping went well.  Funny, it is so nerve-wracking up to the point of filming.  Then once they said, “Action!” I was on fire!

I Will Take the Challenge

“Do you really think you hear from God?” She was a marketing editor of a popular magazine and she wanted me to advertise my book with her.  When I explained that money was short because God had required a large gift and I gave it. I could hear her sarcasm.

“I do, and I did hear from God,” I was resolute.

I would do anything for God, even the impossible.

It was January of 2019 and after an extended fast and seeking God, He asked me if I trusted Him.  Of course I trusted Him.  Then He said the unthinkable, give me all you have in your account.  Like the poor widow, I gave all I had.  I wasn’t sure why He needed it, but He wanted my heart and obedience.

“I am totally confused! Let me get this straight, you couldn’t work because of the cancer you battled for two years.  You have no income except your pension and part-time teaching at a college and you gave everything that you did not have to give,” she chuckled as if she had just found someone certifiable for the looney bin.

“Yes, you are correct!”

“Then I seriously question if you ever heard from God.  He is not going to ask for what you can’t give,” her words stung.

“Sorry you think otherwise, but I know my Father’s voice and I’d obey Him above all logic,” I heard strength in my voice even though I felt totally depleted.

“Good luck Jill, you’ll need it!”

“No luck needed!”

Click, the phone went dead, and I began to think of everything that has happened since I gave all that I had.

First, my two month old refrigerator died and we lost a couple hundred dollars of food.  Then one of my horses collicked and got double pneumonia.  Then I got audited (they found nothing wrong).  I had two college classes that I was supposed to teach get cancelled due to lack of attendance.  I got certified to teach online and no department at the college have picked me up.

Instead of receiving a huge blessing I have had only turmoil, but I told God that it does not matter what happens, I will do all that He asks even when it doesn’t make sense.

Have you ever stepped out in faith only for others to question you?  Please share!

Jill Mansor, wrote FIGHTING FOR THE FINISH, and published it while battling one of the most aggressive cancers.  This book is a testimony of how she came to accept JESUS Christ.  It is available on Amazon and http://www.jillmansor.com.

Jill is a speaker and author.  Her articles have been featured in national and international magazines.  She continues to witness and share her faith on her mission field at RAISE YOUR DREAMS FARM.

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A Chance Encounter


It all started on a sweltering day in July, three years ago. I was trying to fill up my truck at the cheapest gas station in my little town in southern New Jersey. Because the prices were low, it was always standing-room-only for the many cars that drove by on their way to the beach. I was jockeying with an out-of-state driver for the ONLY open pump.

My truck is the proverbial “I AM A BORN-AGAIN, CRAZY-FOR-THE-LORD CHRISTIAN!”  I have a few scriptures on my truck, a fish emblem and a sparkly cross that hangs from my mirror. You can see my truck from miles away with its outlandish embellishments.

Though I was in a rush and hot, I motioned for the man to go before me.

He rolled his window down, “Ma’am, please I insist you go first!”  His smile was infectious. There was something special about him!

Just then another car pulled out and he was able to pull up alongside me. Much to the chagrin of my side kick helper who sat in the passenger seat, I leapt out of my truck to speak to this man, I was intrigued by his kindness and generosity.

“Sir, I wanted to thank you for your kindness!”

“Nothing to it! I live my life glorifying God! Letting you go first is what God would want me to do!”

He was a Christian like me and we spoke to one another as if we were long-lost friends.  We had a lot in common.  We both had horses, married to wonderful spouses, and we both loved the LORD!

“Cowgirl, give me your number and I’ll give you mine.” And this was the start of one of the greatest relationships of my life.

He texted me everyday with scripture, or music that I loved, or to share a snippet of his life.  He was one of the first persons I contacted when I found out I had cancer.

“Cowgirl, you got this!” I was sobbing unashamedly on the phone when they found even more cancer.

I called him brother. But he became my rock. He was studying to become a pastor. His knowledge, insight, and strength became something I relied on. He was ALWAYS available. He righted me when I was wrong and made me think deeply on what I really believed. His heart full of kindness sometimes broke me.

It has been three years since that chance encounter with Richard “Nippy” but God knew I’d need him.

I can’t imagine my life without my Pastor Nippy! He laughs with fervor when I tell him that God gave him the hardest congregation- me on that fateful July day!


Jill Mansor, owns RAISE YOUR DREAMS FARM. She is also a motivational speaker and author of FIGHTING FOR THE FINISH (available on Amazon or http://www.jillmansor.com)

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