Loved by an Owl…….

IMG_1883.JPGSnow flakes fall and the winter wind whips my hair, slapping my cold-face with fury.  I wince and question my desire to live in a rural area where walking to my horses is a trek longer than a football field away.

I feed the horses and rush to the warmth of my home, but before I get into the house, I see a billion tiny black birds huddled in my garage.  They swarm around the dog food, which we keep in a 100 gallon tub in our garage.  We have Great Pyrenees and for all not blessed with knowing these magnificent animals, they eat this much food in a week.

My husband is not happy with our vagrant winged companions and vows to get rid of them.  After all they are  leaving tiny deposits all over his car and eating Snowball and Frosty’s food.  He goes to the local feed store and buys a very-real looking plastic owl.  He is confident that this will get rid of the pesky black winged critters.

He stands proudly in line with his new bff, a plastic owl, under his arm.  A middle-aged woman walks up to him and gives him a slight smirk and chuckles.

“I bought one of those to get rid of birds.  It was a disaster,” she rocked back and pointed at the plastic owl.

“Really, what happened?” my husband was intrigued.

“Well, it did get rid of the birds.  But not because it was there.  It was because a real live owl fell in love with the plastic one.  It would sit next to it everyday, trying to groom it and making cooing sounds.  Then it got possessive and would not let us in our own garage, if we tried to get into the garage it would try to attack us.  Now we could not get into our garage.  We contacted the wildlife warden and he told us that we had to get a strobe light to get rid of the live owl.  My garage was like a disco, and I am sure my neighbors wanted to know what was going on,” she chuckled.

“Then what happened?” Dan was now completely taken by this story.

“Well, we threw out the plastic owl, and welcomed back the pesky birds.”

Did you ever have a wild animal take up residence in your house?