I Got You, Miss Jill

Miss Suzanne and her father, Vaughn, part of my army of supporters at RAISE YOUR DREAMS FARM

Some phrases mean the world to me, but when it is spoken by Miss Suzanne, I can truly rest knowing that she will climb hills and valleys to accommodate me.

Some people battle cancer. But others, like myself, battle cancer while working full-time. I had a double threat to my body. Cancer treatments and a shredded meniscus in my left knee.

I have many responsibilities at my farm, one is to provide equine therapy to children and adults. Sometimes I’m just too sick or too sore to do what I have committed to.

That’s when I call upon my army of friends. One of them is Miss Suzanne, “Miss Jill, I gotch you!”

And she does, she assemblies a herd of willing helpers to assist, cheer, and walk our horses while our clients conquer mighty fetes. It takes very special people, and Miss Suzanne is one of the best!

Lately her father, Vaughn, has been her foundation and faithful servant. He has spent countless hours here, cheering and assisting our special people.

Just hearing, “Miss Jill, I got you!” Is music to my ears and a beautiful melody in my heart.

Blessed beyond belief! Someday I hope soon, I can say, “Miss Suzanne, I got you!”  But I doubt it will mean as much to her as it has to me!


Lesson Learned


“Miss Jill, I want to pray!” Luke, the just-turned-seven-year-old-who-grew-one-inch, stood before me.  He was part of the six-strong nuggets that lived next door to me

“Great Luke, what do you want to pray about?” I asked.

“I want to thank God, but I don’t know how to do it,” with that he tilted his head, seeking an answer.

“It is easy, just talk to God like you talk to me,” I held my hand out, a signal that we were going to pray.

He bent his beautiful head, “God, thank you for horses, Miss Jill, and Luke (a paint horse that had his same name), AMEN!”

He looked up at me, proud of himself for praying on his own.

As I walked into my home I was struck by his heart that sought Thanksgiving. When was the last time I thanked God for all that He has done for me?  Thanks Luke for teaching me a lesson.

From Secret Rider to Horse Whisper


My article was published in Renaissance Magazine, July issue.

Check it out!

Brothers and Sisters!

IMG_5047.JPGI am a born-again-child of God! My whole life changed after accepting JESUS as my savior. He saved my soul, but more importantly He saved my life.

I would never be the same. My thoughts changed, and I found the peace I longed for throughout my life.

I embraced God’s Word! I am a descendant of Adam and Eve. That means I’m related to ALL people!  There are no races in God’s eyes. We are all nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters, and mothers and fathers.

If we embraced our human-ness and not our differences than this world could be a different full of love instead of hate

All I know is that I’m going to spread love to all of my brothers and sisters!