Early Morning Walks With the LORD

“Jill, you must build up your knee. There’s only one way to do it, with lots of walking!” My orthopedic doctor gently patted my shoulder.

At first, walking was an exercise that was as extreme as climbing Mt. Everest. A shredded meniscus and torn ligaments on top of fighting cancer, it seemed impossible, but my stubborn desire to reclaim my life was as strong as iron. I was determined to climb this “Mt  Everest” everyday.

I went from 50 yards to 5 miles within six months. Every morning, rain, sleet, snow or heat, I’m walking. I have found this time almost cathartic. It is where I talk to God, memorize scripture, organize my day, and even record my thoughts.

It is pitch black out, so no one can see my hands raised in praise or hear me singing. I enjoy the anonymity of being cloaked in the early morning mist while my neighbors sleep.

I pause every morning to hear the two owls speaking to one another in the forest, or to watch the incredibly cute beaver peek out from his lair in the pond across the street. It is during these early morning walks that I get to see the deer romping in the corn field, the foxes running full-tilt to their dens, an eagle family teaching the fine art of finding food to their children. I’ve even come to appreciate the tenacity of an almost all-white skunk who likes to stand in my path daring me to come near, and I especially enjoy the big fluffy raccoon that slowly saunters by me without a care in the world.

And everyday as the sun begins to rise, I stand in silent respect and awe of the beauty God has allowed me to see.

Thank you Lord for saving my life from cancer and allowing me one more day to praise the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS!

Who else takes early morning walks?



One thought on “Early Morning Walks With the LORD

  1. I’ve never done early morning walks but after reading this post I’m
    Inspired. Praise God for saving you from cancer and how amazing it sounds to wake up before the rest of the world in order to be in Gods creation. What a blessing that your strength is growing as well.


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