Three Little Words Changed My Life Forever….

continued from last post ….

“Hmmmm, I’m confused, actually it is an impossibility, you are, uh, there is no evidence of cancer. Your DCIS and invasive cancer are completely gone. I’ve been practicing for thirty-seven years and this has never happened. I need to consult with the team. I’m not sure how to proceed,” she gave me the twelve page report with shaky hands.

I walked out of that office with winged feet. I was not on earth, I was healed by God. Certainty and assurance poured into my heart, embracing hope allowed me to know exactly where this healing came from. My crusty surgeon could not believe, but I could. Bolstered by this affirmation I began calling everyone.

“Jill, we do not believe that God heals,” a good Christian friend said.  She and her husband pastured a legalistic church

I was incredulous. How could one not believe that what He did in the Bible was what He would do now? I wanted to be respectful, but my healing was being questioned.

God was teaching me something new……

(to be continued)


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