A Heart Overflows

Flowing in the wind are her deep violet tresses, she pushes her hair out of her eyes and her diamond rings catch the sunlight refracting into tiny prisms.  She adjusts her dark sunglasses and walks toward the small gathering of parents dropping off their children. She steps daintily around the mud, trying not to curse when her heels get stuck in the grass. Today she is wearing her favorite motorcycle jacket with chains that cross her chest. For a minute I think she looks tough, but I have known her for too long to be fooled.

Purple, as many people call her, is a fixture at this farm.  She can stir a posse of volunteers from her ample list of friends when we are in desperate need.  Her heart is generous to a fault.  She has been known to invite the hungry neighborhood child to a home cooked meal, or load her car with a gazillion burgers and fries for the volunteers here. She was never asked, that’s just what she does.

She is a lover of all people and completely aware of her ability to bring out the best in others.  She accepts all people for who they are and not for who she wishes they were.  Her school of hard knocks have taught her valuable lessons that she imparts to anyone hungry enough to listen.

She has been known to raise hope in the hopeless with her simple approach to life.  Be generous to a fault, love unconditionally, and above all else do what you can to help others is her motto for a successful life.

My life has been blessed with her unwavering friendship.  I know that if I should need anything, she is only a heartbeat away.  Not many people can say they have a friend like that, and therefore I consider myself immensely blessed!



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