He Moved the Cones for Me!

IMG_3463“Sorry I’m late!” My poor frazzled farrier was Always pompt and though he was more than thirty minutes late, I assumed it was because he got held up by his last farm.

He got out of his car and shook his head. “The cops told me your road was closed. Drove darn near ten miles out of my way to get here!”  He pointed at the top of the street.

In New Jersey it is not uncommon for public workers to congest our streets or for farm equipment to clog roads. But for the past six months they’ve been replacing electric lines.  Because the lines are down, every cop patrols the roads with an iron fist

My newest riding instructor, Angelina, overheard our conversation.

“I had no problem getting here. The cop even got out of his car and moved the cones so I could pass,” Angelina gave a soft giggle.

I guess when you are young and beautiful you can go where no others are able.

Awww, to be young again!



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