How Did God Know?

I’ve been an instructor and equine therapist for over twenty years. Realizing that I’m only half of a team it’s essential to work with only the best ponies and horses. One such pony was my amazing Quest. He was a funny little guy. A Hackney cross of unknown origins.

Fast forward ten years and he is my reliable little packer. He loves teaching as much as I do. I trust him implicitly and he falls into the routine of being the farm’s favorite.

Each year year he slowed down just a little bit more. This year he lost all of his teeth and we estimated he was about 45 years old. He never acted old though. He’d still gallop with the herd or put my big thoroughbred in his place.

That’s why it was so hard to accept his very sudden death on a cold winter’s day.

Only three months prior I had bought a cutie that we named Dumpling. He is learning to fill the void of our loss.

I marvel at Gods infinite wisdom to provide a diversion in my student’s grief. No pony can take Quest’s place, but Dumpling gives me a reason to continue my work at my farm!

Quest and his kids!
Dumpling learning how to fill in Quest’s big shoes.






2 thoughts on “How Did God Know?

  1. Truly Quest was very special 💖!! Liam doesn’t bond quickly with anyone whether human or animal – but for him, Quest was always a special friend from the 1st lesson. Dumpling appears to be a sweetie though, perhaps in time Liam may be able to make a new friend ❤


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